VK Vibration and Position Probes

The VK-series eddy current, non-contact proximity probe system provides a reliable measurement solution for a variety of vibration, position, and turbine supervisory instrumentation (TSI) parameters.  With hundreds of thousands of VK-series sensor loops installed in various applications around the world, the VK-series is one of the most accepted systems ever offered.  The system is comprised of a probe (VL), extension cable (VW), and driver (VK) that comprise a system length of either 5m or 9m.  While the FK-series complies with the requirements of the American Petroleum Institute standard 670 (API-670), we generally recommend our new FK-series for API-670 applications.

The VK-series is available with tip diameters of 5mm, 8mm, and 11mm for vibration, thrust, eccentricity, speed, and phase measurements and tip diameters of 18mm, 25mm, and 50mm for high-precision position and differential expansion measurements.

Additional information about the VK-series probe systems can be found by following the links below.