Artemis hardware and Axiom software



Artemis is a game-changer in the world of condition monitoring.

Offering a novel combination of machinery protection and transient analysis, Artemis goes beyond simply protecting machines from catastrophic defects and actually empowers the machine and its operators to identify the source of the underlying problem and expedite a solution.

With its Fault Criteria capability and onboard logic engine Artemis is able to make automated decisions about the root causes of complex vibration and process-related machine problems.

artemis_c8_p2_iso_left_connectors-copy-gifIn addition, its high-resolution 24-bit A/D converters are able to capture defects as a recorded FIFO file that can be played back by remote analysts using our h-Vector software to further analyze the source of shutdowns, transient faults, and other events that compromise machinery uptime and efficiency.  Artemis is available in configurations various configurations depending on the consumers of the information it produces.  It can be deployed to merely acquire real-time data when configured as the Artemis Core or, when supplied in the Artemis Core I/O configuration, it will additionally perform a degree of onboard diagnostics and communicate that decision data to plant control systems.


Axiom is the server-based software companion to our Artemis data acquisition hardware.  Axiom communicates with the Artemis hardware to acquire the high resolution digitized waveform that can be manipulated within the software to diagnose a wide array of machinery faults.  Axiom provides a realtime user display of the data to highlight conditions for which immediate action must be taken.  Axiom also can generate high-density recordings, called FIFO files, on either a predefined event or periodic basis.  The FIFO can be transmitted by e-mail, FTP, or other method to remote analysts who enjoy complete manipulation of the data using our h-Vector software.  Whether deployed as a plant-side solution with a standalone instance of Axiom, or as a part of a remote analysis and diagnostic strategy with h-Vector, our realtime, always-on diagnostic suite of products are without peer for users who want to optimize their equipment and ensure complex problems are resolved with minimal stress.