Wireless Sensing Products

The ZARK family of wireless products give you the flexibility to monitor devices without running a bunch of cables and conduit, but with a frequency of monitoring that beats any route-based system. 


Remember how your connection to the world changed the first time you used an iPhone or smartphone? Using a ZARK is like that. The ZARK is far more than a wireless sensor: It is the first machinery reliability device that extends the vast power of the cloud to the machine level. Because ZARKs fuse themselves with our Machine Dossier reliability ecosystem, they provide access to your machines—anytime, anywhere, with zero infrastructure costs.


We've recently created the ZARK X8, an eight-channel wireless system, to collect data from high temperature and hard to access machines, or to convert your existing switchboxes to online wireless data collection systems with minimal effort and cost.


Contact us today at sales@sec-america.com or 877-586-5690 for more information about these wireless solutions and how they can help you reduce maintenance and monitoring costs while sleeping better at night.