FK API-670 Vibration and Position Probes

Fully API-670 compliant, Non-contact Proximity Probe System

The FK-series eddy current, non-contact proximity probe system represents the state-of-the-art technology in vibration and position sensing technology for rotating equipment.  The system is comprised of a probe (FL), extension cable (FW), and driver (FK) that comprise a system length of either 5m or 9m.  The FK-series fully complies with the stringent requirements of the American Petroleum Institute standard 670 (API-670).  The system actually exceeds the requirements of the standard in many respects and provides the most accurate and repeatable eddy current vibration sensing system on the market.

The FK-series is ideal for applications that require the vibration monitoring of sleeve bearing machinery and also are ideally-suited for various TSI measurements such as thrust, eccentricity, speed, and phase.  The sensor body is available in mounting configurations to replace virtually any existing sensor and the probe pigtail and extension cables can be supplied with or without armor.  The small footprint of the FK-series driver enables it to fit in most any existing housing.  Installation is simple with innovative mounting options that enable the driver to be installed either on a standard DIN-rail or on adapter plates that match up directly to the footprint of a number of legacy drivers from both Shinkawa and our competitors.

The FK-series range includes our FK-202F with an 80mil measurement range, and our FK-452F with a 180mil range.  Information on both can be found by following the links below.

  • FK-202F Transducer Instruction Manual
  • FK-452F Transducer Instruction Manual