h-Vector Portable Analysis System

h-Vector is a familiar term with many vibration analysts.  The "h" vector is the influence vector used for various purposes, including the determination of balance shot locations when correcting unbalance condition in rotating equipment.

Our h-Vector portable analysis and diagnostic system consists of a high-speed data acquisition hardware package, along with a powerful toolkit of software plots and data manipulation tools that arm rotating machinery experts with everything they need to solve the most complex transient machine faults.

Utilizing individual 24-bit A/D converters per channel and proprietary drivers to ensure optimal transmission of data to the h-Vector software, analysts are immediately connected to the pulse of the machine.  With drag-and-drop plot generation and powerful Boolean logic and Fault Criteria engines, the experienced analyst can quickly set data traps to capture elusive transient problems and bring them to their knees.  As its name implies, h-Vector truly is Power and Direction for Machinery Analysts.